Top New-age music tracks you must listen to while relaxing

New-age music mainly depends if how it makes them feel. There legendary artists of new-age music that challenged the traditional western music notions that were conservative. New-age music is seen with Yoga, meditation, cleansing, crystals etc. There are people of all ages who love it and people of all ages to don’t like it as well. The older adults among the people who don’t love are saying that the music lacks passion and the young ones find the music very slow. Nevertheless, everything has its own time and place. Here is a list of tracks to listen to while relaxing.

Rainbow Butterfly

‘Rainbow butterfly’ is an album by Dr Miller and Georgia Kelly. The track includes Dr Miller providing instructions and guiding the listeners to meditate while Georgia plays the music of the harp. A form of guided meditation that has helped many people. The name ‘Rainbow Butterfly’ itself sounds very delicate and intriguing.

Moment of Heaven

Moment of Heaven

A piece by Les Gabriel LaHeart is available on YouTube, and you can give it a try. This music is a combination of different kinds of music like the flute, Kalimba, soft whistling and more combined to form a very melodic and relaxing sound of music.

Crystal Rainbows

Crystal Rainbows by Don Campbell, the track feels like shimmering keys that are strewn over silence with the combination on chimes and other pleasant sounds that go together to produce a peace masterpiece. Don believed and valued music for its characteristics that helped people heal.

Journey out of body

David Naegele composed this. This track intends to make people who listen to it feel like they are free from the weight of the world; it makes them relax and feel like a floating cloud that is carefree.

Remote Dreaming

Remote dreaming by the Ghostwriters. The aim of the musician is not only to get the listeners to relax but also experience music on another level. The recording the rarest of its kind and considered the dreamiest. The real thrill begins as the music takes a different turn halfway into the album.


This music is by Jordan De La Sierra, and it is a two-hour-long piano masterpiece. Listening to this makes one feel like they’ve discovered themselves. Ultimately it is believed that music helps you find yourself and the music you connect with enables you to communicate within your soul.

There are many such great albums and songs like Trans-Millennia Consort, Reflecting Light Vol. 1, Valley of the Birds, The Space Between and a lot more like that. If you have never tried these tracks, you should! It will help you relax and maybe even discover yourself. Go ahead and add some of them to your playlist.

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