Top 4 New-Age Music Artists

Music is a great way to get lost in one’s own thoughts. One can get inspired or attain relaxation from music paving the way for carving beautiful achievements. Hopefully, music has given birth to many genres, and some of them are emerging from portraying the culture, tradition. In contrast, some of them show or give importance to artistic approach and optimism. Such music falls under New-age music. The music can be a mixture of natural sounds like thunderstorms, birdsongs, and many other similar kinds of music that gives your body an extra pump of serotonin and soothe your ears and body. This music is otherwise termed to bring the exotic wildlife into living. Some many musicians and artists follow up on this genre, and we will see some of them below.

Constance Demby – Novus Magnificat

Released in the year 1986, Constance Demby is one of the greatest artists to remember when one thinks of New-age music. Apart from the celestial touch, she also tries to bring a blend of choral music as well as liturgical genre together. You can feel the music soothing and cleansing your body with a touch of melody and romance. The music is worth hearing and will let you dissolve in a brand new dimension as well.

Steven Halpern – Spectrum Suite

Released in the year 1975, Spectrum Suite has attracted a lot of the music lovers to listen to the track. Halpern is best known for being a nominee for Grammy award. Also, he is known as one of the founding fathers of New-age music. He bought ambient music with a touch of soul-touching hippie spirituality to attract a lot of people. In the initial stages, his music was considered suitable for only ‘massages’ when people started understanding the music; space soon found a home under New-age music.

Vangelis – Opera Sauvage

Vangelis – Opera Sauvage

Vangelis is known for blending amazing music genres to give birth to New age music itself. One such creation is Opera Sauvage. Opera Sauvage was released in the year 1979 and is a blend of classical and rock style. Some of the other music tracks composed by Vangelis are; Invisible Connections and Blade Runner and Antarctica. He is also known for blending Electronic, classical, ambient and romance to create something inexplicably special.

Kitaro – Silk Road II

Kitaro is best known for his fantastic collection and composition of many genres making wy to be a great artist of New-age music. He is also a Grammy nominee. He is best known for his artistic approach in keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, and performing electronic, folk, and many more genres. Silk Road II is one of the greatest of all the New age music and was released in the year 1980.

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